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33 Ideas For Small Apartment Bedroom College33DECOR

33 Bedroom Design Ideas

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Welcome Guests In Style With A Quality Doormat

A quick, inexpensive and easy way to give your doorway some style and attitude as well as a warm and welcoming feel, is by adding a doormat. The doormat’s main function is to stop dirt sand and snow from entering your home. There are now a wide selection of doormats to spice up and invite guests in. Any entrance with a colorful doormat, a humorous one, or a chic and trendy design will give you and your guests a welcoming feel. A friendly doormat always makes a good impression. Take your time when deciding which mat is perfect for your home. Aside from its functionality, remember too that a doormat that matches your home can give your doorway a stylish appeal, enhancing the look of your home.

I. Doormat Buying Guide:

i. Consider Color And Style

Doormats come in various styles and shapes; there are humorous ones, ones that go with the season, funky shapes, as well as conservative and bold designs. Look around your home, evaluate it, and then decide which design will be best for your entrance.

ii. Measure your door clearance

Door clearance will guide you in choosing the right thickness of a doormat.

iii. Look at the size of the rug

It must be the right size for the entrance; not too wide or too narrow. It must be just the right size, not very near to a step and does not get in the way of your guests.

iv. Consider Maitenance Options

Choose a rug that requires the least amount of maintenance possible. Several mats have rubber bristles, pulling off dirt from shoes and can be shaken out in the yard or vacuumed easily.

v. Materials

A doormat made of synthetic material is usually preferred by many, since a doormat made of natural materials, such as rope or other fibers, retains moisture and is a good breading ground for mites, molds and fungus. These harmful free particles can then be inadvertently brought into the house.

vi. Safety

Try stepping on the rug, and make sure it doesn’t slip, especially if you have toddlers or aged individuals in your home; it can cause slipping accidents. To avoid it, choose a rug with suction cups at the bottom to hold the rug in place.

vii. Resilience

Take into account if your entrance is directly exposed to sun, rain or snow. Do not buy a doormat that can be soaked wet when rain comes; instead choose a rug made of rubber because it has all weather properties and can just be wiped dry. Likewise, choose a plain mat if you have a sunny entry way, as the sun tends to fade colors; an aluminum mat, with colorful designs may be the best choice.

II. Care And Maitenance:

– Rubber and aluminum mats are all weather mats that are stain resistant. A piece of damp cloth can be used to wipe them clean. Occasional cleaning with a metal cleaner can help make your mat look good as new.

– Rubber mats with bristles can be vacuumed or hosed down with water then put in an inclined position to dry.

– Mats that are made from natural materials can be washed with warm soapy water and left in the sun to dry; never use bleach.

III. Mat Types:

i. Personalized Doormats

These are gaining popularity these days. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs that will suit your fancy. Names and street numbers can be added unto the rug of your choice, as well as they can be monogrammed according to your specific design.

ii. Cast Aluminum

These doormats are very durable, weather proof, stain resistant and the easiest to clean. Aluminum mats come in oval, rectangular and semi-circle shapes and available in hundreds of designs; can be personalized and comes in protective powder coatings of copper, silver, bronze and pewter finishes. Being heavy, it will not move when stepped upon. They will last for years in the outdoors.

Rubber doormats

These are the absolute best doormats. They combine functionality, durability and style. Furthermore, they combat slippage and, it is also available in so many styles and designs. This material is easy to clean and easy to maintain. It can last for months outdoors.

Wooden Doormats

These are extremely simple, elegant and stylish. Unfortunately, they can not withstand exposure to sun and rain, and unless they have bristles in them their ability to scrape dirt and other particles off the bottoms of your shoes is less than desireable.

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